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My about me info will not be about where, what I studied nor where I work because these information are not relevant to my website. Because my role in the world is spiritual, my profile will be spiritual. I will give an insight into my spiritual background so as to show what my publications are based on.

Another Book Of The Bible:

With a soundless voice from the heaven, in a dream, God spoke to me calling me by my childhood nickname and told me that I am another book of the Bible and that my name is Utum Seven (Fulfilling Bible prophecy that say the Elect has a name that only he knows).
For me to be another book of the Bible I must play a role that puts me among those whose achievement become parts of sacred scriptures.

The Reigns Are Given:

It was shown to me in a dream that on my entry into a certain church through the front door some spirits fled from me towards the back door and those who remained said to me, “The reigns have been given you, take them".
It was shown to me in another dream when the four reigns were placed into my hands.

Chief Of The Cahdeans:

I was also declared in another dream as Chief of the Chaldeans, after which I one day took the Bible and asked God to help me to understand the dream, after which I randomly opened the Bible without searching and landed on the book of Daniel and was reading about the Chaldeans, in what was an immediate answer to my prayer by God.
I now know that the Chaldeans are the enlightened persons who will serve God in his kingdom in the Earth under the Elect.

King Of Kings:

I saw the kings of the Earth in a dream and they all addressed me as Your Majesty, which showed me in a position of King Of Kings.

Fulfillments And Proofs:

People will naturally and justly want to know how do I know that my dreams will come through?

I have had many dreams that have already come through (My life is a continuation of dreams coming through) and just to give a couple example

(1) I one night had a dream that my car was out of engine oil and I saw smoke coming from the engine, after checking my oil in the morning and buying two extra jugs of oil and placing them in my car trunk and repeatedly checking my oil during the day, withing twenty four hours my car was out of oil and I saw smoke coming from the engine because the oil change cork backed out and was lost resulting in the emptying of the engine oil.

(2) I once had a dream that I was in an airplane passing clouds by the window and a week or so after the dream I was sitting in a plane passing clouds by my window.

What does it takes to be a Christian?

August 16th, 2016

What does it takes to be a Christian?
Depending on which church you ask, the answer will be different somewhat.

All will say that you must accept that Jesus died for your sins, that he is your unique saviour, son of God and or God himself.

They all are wrong.

Christianity has nothing to do with Jesus dying for your sins, being the son of God or God himself nor being your unique saviour.

Christianity is the identity and status of the enlightened, it is about enlightenment and has nothing to do with what so-called Christian churches are claiming.

Because someone decided some time ago to call Jesus Christ and coined the title Jesus Christ for who they proclaim as the head of what they call Christianity does not make it a reality. 

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Powerful Things Are Said In Simple Ways: The Arrival

August 10th, 2016

The Arrival

The inspiration for this painting came to me as a part of a dream in which I saw a crystal cube coming down from the heavens.

The only words spoken to me from the heavens in that dream in which I saw many things, were that the altar of the Lord is sacred and that I should not walk on a certain path.

Some said that the cube was given to Adam and that it was white then later on it was given to Abraham and had became black but it came to me as crystal.

A symbol so powerful so as to get millions of people to visit it anually in a desert.

What does it mean?

It is the shape and characteristics of the destiny of humanity.

It is the description, with some more details, of what some call New Jerusalem.

It is the symbol of the Sacred Order.

An order of equality and fraternity of elluminated mankind (The true meaning of Christianity).

South America Is The Sacred Region Of The New World

August 4th, 2016

South America Is The Sacred Region.

As God's Elect I am expected to bring new light to the world as sacred secrets are made known through me. People are used to a lot of con men and clowns coming to put on shows which no doubt has produced an opposite case of Wolf Wolf, now it is a case of Shepheard Shepheard, no one wants to believe. That is why I have said that believe is now not important as we are at a stage where knowledge is what counts, you must know to be safe. 

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The Displacement Painting

July 30th, 2016

The Displacement painting

This oil on canvas painting is entitled Displacement and comes from a dream I had years ago.

Displacement of the U k

The interpretation of the message shown here is related to the United Kingdom and action taken by the Lord afecting it.

This painting forms part of my small collection and I am interested in putting them on display in a gallery.

The Return Of Chaldea

July 26th, 2016

# The kingdom of God in the Earth will be the Second Chaldea

People say that Nebuchadnezzar was the king of Babylon, but was he king of Babylon or king of Chaldea?

Messianic photo

God asked his prophet what did he see on a certain tree, to which he answered that he had seen good, not so good and bad fruits, then God said to him that the good fruits he would give to his servant Nebuchadnezzar and the good fruits meant the good resourceful people. So God gave to Nebuchadnezzar all the best resourceful people of all the then world to serve him in Chaldea.

The Bible also tells us that a sacred city is coming down from the heavens and will be governed by a certain class of resourceful persons (some say that there will be 144000 of them) and some call the city New Jerusalem. I was called Chief of the Chaldeans, in a vision of mine and was told that no other was known.

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